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Intraoral x-rays is an examination technique that consists of placing differently sized imaging plates inside the mouth which are printed from outside by an x-ray device. In our clinic in Torre del Mar you will find just what you need.

It is essential that all professionals know how to perform projections of this nature and have been trained to read and interpret them.

Consequently, the odontologist or stomatologist are fully responsible for the execution and interpretation.

Only radiography techniques that have been carried out accurately provide interpretable intraoral x-rays.

Intraoral techniques are ideally used for dental and peridental diagnoses, although they are often helpful for clarifying certain details in broader studies of the maxillofacial area.

Oral surgery includes moving teeth horizontally or vertically to anatomically locate impacted teeth or foreign bodies, and to obtain high definition images of specific areas that facilitate a diagnosis.

Intraoral x-rays are also used to assess the osseointegration of intraosseous dental implants.

It is called ‘intraoral radiography’ because the films are placed inside the oral cavity. Depending on the size and how the films are placed, the procedures can be classified as periapical or retro-alveolar, interproximal or bite-wing, and occlusal. Before performing an intraoral x-ray, it is essential to take out any removable metal prosthetics, orthodontic devices or any metal objects that exist in the area under study. In addition, the patient’s head must be perfectly immobilised in the ideal position.

VISTASCAN digital intraoral x-rays

INSTRUMENTARIUM orthopantomography and digital teleradiography

SOPRO 617 ACTEON intraoral camera

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