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Aesthetic dentistry

Our aesthetic treatments will make you want to smile, you’ll feel better and you’ll look more attractive.

If any of your teeth are broken or worn down, you smoke or drink coffee, then this treatment is for you, as your teeth will probably be stained or discoloured.

Before starting aesthetic treatment, it is necessary to previously resolve any problems you might have, as optimal oral health is essential.

We provide the following aesthetic treatments:

  1. Porcelain veneers:

    Thin layers of porcelain that are bonded on the front of the teeth.
  2. Metal-free crowns:

    New metal-free porcelain crowns have replaced the old ones made of metal and porcelain in the areas that improve the appearance of the mouth, as they give the teeth a much more translucent and natural aspect. In addition, these crowns do not cause black lines to appear around the teeth when the gums recede.
  3. Teeth whitening:

    If your teeth have yellow stains from smoking, coffee or other substances, or they have become discoloured due to your age, we can whiten them with a special treatment.

All our treatments are safe and effective.

Tailored aesthetic dental veneers made of lithium disilicate. Brand: IVOCLAR, model: e-max

e-Vita Mark and TriLuxe metal-free cosmetic dental crowns

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