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Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry is the branch of odontology that deals with children. Therefore, paediatric dentistry is concerned with examining and treating babies and children. It also takes care of detecting possible irregularities in the positions of jaws or teeth so then the child can be referred to an orthodontist, who specialises in orthodontics, and to provide restoration treatment in the event it is necessary. Restoration treatment mainly consists of treating traumatic dental injuries, using dental sealants to fill the pits and fissures in teeth, without damaging them, to prevent tooth decay, and in treating any caries and the ensuing consequences.

The main difference between normal odontology and paediatric dentistry as regards treating caries is the presence of children’s temporary or milk teeth, which means a different treatment is required. The decay of temporary teeth is treated in a less conservative and more aggressive manner than for the decay of permanent teeth, due to the fact that, in the worst case, failure to properly treat the decay of milk teeth could affect permanent teeth.

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