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What are dental caries?

Caries is the destruction of tooth enamel caused by bacteria.

What is bacterial plaque?

Bacterial plaque is a colourless film made up of bacteria, as its name indicates, and it mainly appears on teeth and gums.

What is periodontal disease?

The periodontium is the set of tissues that surround and protect the teeth. The infections that affect these tissues are known as periodontal disease.

How can I prevent tooth decay?

To prevent tooth decay, it is necessary to eliminate bacterial plaque by properly brushing your teeth. It is also advisable to floss your teeth, eat a healthy diet with a high content of vitamins and calcium, cut down on sugar, use fluoride and regularly visit your dentist.

How can I prevent periodontal disease?

All the steps taken to prevent periodontal disease should be aimed towards eliminating bacterial plaque so, once again, it is important to properly brush your teeth.

How many times a day do I have to brush my teeth?

You must brush your teeth after every meal, although it is vital to brush them after your evening meal.

How often do I have to go to the dentist?

It is advisable to visit your dentist at least once a year, although it is better to go every six months. The main reason is to prevent disorders that can negatively affect your oral health.

At what age should children start going to the dentist?

Children should go to the dentist as soon as their first teeth appear (at about the age of six months). When they are two and a half years old, they can be treated for possible tooth decay and preventive procedures can be applied.

Is it advisable to use dental floss?

Dental floss must form part of your daily hygiene.

How can I cure my halitosis (bad breath)?

Although it can originate from the stomach, it is usually due to problems in the mouth. It can be prevented by proper oral hygiene (brushing, dental floss and cleaning the tongue), avoid products that can cause bad breath, such as smoking, coffee and alcoholic drinks and if the problem continues, come to our clinic so we can determine the cause of the problem, and we can give you the best treatment.